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There are lots of reasons why a business might need a loan and sometimes that’s either to get started, sometimes it is to help the business expand. There are many other reasons and we understand that it is not always an easy decision to borrow money, from anywhere. Asteria have the resources, the will, and the reputation to step forward and help you out. Why not go for a bank loan? Well, for one thing we do not ask for collateral against the loan. Banks sadly, invariably do. We don’t believe in this approach and prefer to keep things as simple as we possibly can for you, the customer. Our business loans can be used for anything that your business needs, naturally. From start up capital to cover unexpected costs such building or vehicle repairs. There are of course many other considerations. Asteria Lending Inc are committed to helping businesses in any way that we can, and the first step in that direction is being as open and approachable as possible. What makes us so different? We are able to greatly speed up the loan application process and because the user end of the service is completely digital the process is cheaper which means you get your business loan at a lower than normal rate – 0.8 percent a day. Asteria are not just faster at processing your business financing loan application, we can also make sure the money is in your bank faster than any bank loan. Loans can be paid back over a maximum of a 12 week period too, so that you are not worrying about making repayments either being too high, or being stretched out too long. You don’t want to use credit cards to finance your business either, not when a loan is what you need. Using credit cards will just make thing worse and plunge your company into debt. A professional business loan from Asteria Lending can help you avoid all that and get your business whatever it is that it needs. In the end, whatever you need the loan for, the business is your baby and everybody here at Asteria Lending understands that. When you have something that you have created with your own two hands, you want to do everything that you can to help it grow and flourish. As a valued customer, or even potential customer, we want the same for your business too. The Philippines is our home, and we want everyone that lives here to succeed. Take a look at our business financing options below and choose the one that fits your needs the most. Then, simply click ‘Apply Here’ then either create a login, or proceed with your existing details. If you are a new customer we will need you to complete a short form, which will require you to confirm a few details and upload some documentation.


Our 61 day business loans are payable by way of 4 equal instalments, which will see one payment being made every two weeks. The first of these payments will become due on the 15 th day after the financing credit is deposited into your bank account. The next payment date is 15 days after that, which will be the 30 th day after the cash loan enters your account, the third payment becomes due on the 45 th day after deposit and the final payment is due to be paid on day 61. The 61 day business loan is perfect for you if you do not need to borrow too much and you are just having a very temporary cash flow issue. If you find that you do need to borrow a bit more then perhaps one of the other two loan financing options, which have longer financing periods may be better for you.


This loan repayable over a 10 week period, with each payment becoming due every two weeks. The first payment is due 15 days after the loan enters your bank account with payment number number two expected 30 days after, then on day 45 and the final payment becomes due on the 75 th day of your financing loan. The 75 day financing loan is best if you have need for a medium sized loan and may require a little longer to pay it back. You can use the calculator to see if this may be the case for you or not. A medium sized loan , as an example, may be for decorating cost or maybe new equipment depending on your business and the kind of equipment that you may have need of. Equipment for a gardening business may be cheaper than that for an IT company, for example.


This particular loan has a lifespan of 3 months, with the repayments coming 15 days after each other until the final payment is made at the end of the period. The first payment becomes due on day 15, that is 15 days after the money is deposited into your bank account. 30 days after the deposit, the second payment becomes due. The third payment is due on the 45 th day, then another repayment is due on the 75 th day. 90 days after the bank deposit, the final loan repayment is due. Our 12 week, or 3 month, business financing loan is most likely better for those that require slightly more, in terms of business financing. What you spend this on is of course entirely your concern but typically speaking, larger loans are used for start up capital, large repairs or renovations or even paying staff wages. Larger loans are open to anybody of course, that has the means to make each repayment, and they make more sense than using credit cards or making use of bank loans. Whichever option you choose, and ours will save you more money in the long run, missed payments can affect you credit score so that needs to be taken into account too.

Asterior Lending Inc. is here to help, whenever you may need our assistance.

And with interest rates fixed at 0.8% per day, Asterior Lending Inc is one of the most cost-effective lending services that you are going to find, anywhere else in the Philippines. Why not choose one of the three available options and see for yourself why we are the nation’s favourite. If you have any questions why not give us a call on L (02) 318 8000 or M 0998-584-5045