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Since the internet revolution more and more fields in our daily life have gone online so it is a natural tendency that lending should go online as well. No more personal appearance and waiting in the lines to avail a loan, simply apply online from your computer or by using your Smartphone and wait till your cash arriving in your bank account.

  • Applicant must be a Filipino citizen currently residing and working within the country in Metro Manila, Pampanga, Batangas, Bicol, quezon province or other nearby cities
  • Applicant age must be no less than 21 at time of application, and no more than 60 at the time of completion
  • Applicant must have one of the following ID UMID, or New TIN ID, or New PhilHealth ID, or Drivers License
  • Applicant must have a Bank account under his name to able to receive the loan
  • For first time customers, the minimum Personal Loans amount is ₱ 2,000.00; and the maximum amount is ₱ 10,000.00
  • For renewal, Minimum is 2,000.00 and the maximum is ₱ 20,000.00 depends on the previous loan repayment and on the client salary
  • We allow to our clients to choose the most convenient term.
  • Number of due days are also changeable from 1 up to 6 depend on the length of the loan and the loan amount.
  • 30 days /61 Days/75 days/90 days
  • Check the calculator for loan amount and terms
  • Register yourself on our web site by clicking on APPLY NOW button
  • Log in with your username and password that previously you have created and fill out our online application form
  • During the application upload the necessary documents.
  • During the application, if you are missing any requested details or documents you can save your progress at any time and when you re log in you may continue to complete your form.
  • Asteria will process your loan request within 24 hours, after loan approval the funds will be transferred to your Bank acc via Instapay
  • We will begin processing your application once we’ve received your application. Please ensure that you have provided all the necessary data in your application form and that all the required documents (ID) have been uploaded. We will match you with a loan program that meets your financial needs. In short-term liquidity, by striving to make funds available instantly upon approval of application.

Your interest rate is 0.9% per day.

Once we have reviewed and processed your application, we will immediately send you an email, and SMS to your phone regarding your loan status. You may follow up on your loan request thru your Asteria dashboard as well.

  • The instant cash transfer starts after we receive complete details of your online application and complete requirements, in case you miss to upload any documents or fill out some details the transfer can be completed after you submit all the requirements.
  • Our working hours are from Monday to Fridays, 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM. All applications received during weekends and holidays will be processed from the 1st working day which is after the application was received.
  • There will be instances wherein the approval process will take longer than the usual instnt transfer. Should you feel there is a delay in your approval, please do not hesitate to contact us on (02) 5318 8000, and our representative will review your request to identify the issue.

After a successful loan disbursement, we will provide you a Repayment Instructions via Email containing When, How, Where and How much to pay and consequences of non-payment. For your general information, the repayment can be done by Dragon Pay Payment facilities which are available in every 7 Eleven, Cebuana, LBC, SM Payment Centers, Robinson Payment Centers and Bayad Centers. The repayment instruction will be sent to you once your account will be credited.
You may also log in to your Asteria Dashboard and view anytime your loan details, your next due date ,amount need to pay and your dragon ID as well.

  • Upon the completion of your repayment to one of the Dragon Pay payment facilities which will be stated on your repayment instruction mail, we will verify your payment thru our payment partners.
  • To process your re-loan faster we suggest you to login and upload your proof of payment to your existing Asteria account or send the proof of payment via email to [email protected] in the subject field. Please indicate your loan ID
  • We will contact you by mail to verify that your loan has been repaid.
  • After each payment you may check your personal dashboard under my loan menu.
  • Should you have any concerns on the status of your repayment, please feel free to contact our collection team at (02) 5318 8000.

You will incur late payment charges and penalty of 1% per day as stated in the repayment instruction that we will be provided after a successful disbursement. We encourage you to pay in advance or in time to have a good credit standing and scoring. In case of late payment we always recommend you to contact our team so we can help you out.

  • Yes, you can avail our re-loan program after you successfully paid your existing loan in full.
  • Login to your existing Asteria account and click Re-loan.

Asteria is an online lender we allow its clients to manage their loans fully online

Dashboard features

  1. Under my loan menu you can view your ongoing loans
  2. You will able to see your dragon id, upcoming due dates ,instalments you need to pay
  3. You may upload documents.
  4. Request Call back.
  5. Request re loan
  6. Extend and Prolong your due dates
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