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No matter how much we plan and prepare, sometimes something will come along we could never have expected. A broken boiler for example can be expensive to fix and that kind of repair needs to be dealt with quickly. Or maybe it isn’t a repair at all, but something much more personal and meaningful. Do you feel like you have to put everything on hold, because you don’t the money available that you need? What if you did? Whether you want to redesign your home, hold some kind of celebration for that special event? Maybe that trip away you have been dreaming of for so long? You don’t have to put your dreams or needs in a box, never to be seen again. A personal loan from a professional and widely respected provider, that can offer affordable payment terms, you won’t even need to touch a credit card. Credit cards terms and conditions, especially when it comes to repayment terms, can be very confusing – deliberately so sometimes – and they can make it very easy for you to fall behind or they can even levy extra charges meaning you end up paying back much more than you thought you would be. It is surprisingly easy to get into difficulties when you find yourself with what is known as revolving debt. Revolving debt is where there are no fixed repayment terms, when this happens it’s to pay less than you probably should and end up never being able to pay it back. This is how credit cards work. At Asteria Lending we pride ourselves on our ability to meet the needs of our individual customers. This means complete transparency so the customer always knows what needs to be paid, when, how much and exactly when the loan will be paid back. A part of all of this includes making the application process as simple and hassle free as possible. We don’t believe in making things complicated, we don’t like it and we don’t think our customers do either. We value the time of our customers and we make things as clear as we possibly can so there is no confusion. In the spirit of making things as simple as possible, you will be given a decision online in a couple of minutes – meaning that you are not left wondering whether you have been successful or not. Your repayment instructions, including terms & conditions, are emailed to you once the credit amount has been sent to your receiving bank account. With one of our personal loans, you will have nothing to worry about. Whatever you need it for, we have the payment plan for you. Of course, all loans are subject to a credit check and presentation of adequate identification. Take a look at our three different personal loan options below. When you have chosen the one you like the look of simply click ‘Apply Now’. After that, create your login if you do not already have one then follow the instructions as they appear. It really is very straightforward, just be sure you complete all the sections, relevant documents have been uploaded and you will have the loan credit in your account within 48 hours.


The payment terms for this particular loan credit agreement are set at 8 weeks, with payments due in four equal instalments over the 2 two-month period. Knowing exactly when payments are due, and exactly how much, makes it much easier to budget finances and plan ahead and that makes things easier for you going forward too. Whatever the personal loan might be for, a shorter term like this one could be better for you if you feel that you are able to make the payments every two weeks and in full. It should be remembered that the loan can take up to two days to arrive in your bank account. The first payment will be due on the 15 th day after the loan is actually taken out and then every 15 days until the final due payment which will be the 16 rather than the 15 day interval. After that final payment, you owe nothing and we hope to see you again.


The 75 day loan can make it slightly easier if you need a little more time to pay. The payment schedule for this sees the first payment being made on the 15 th day the loan reaches your bank after and then 4 more payments of the same value, every 15 days. With longer to pay back, the 75 Day Loan can help to take off some of the pressure and give you some breathing room until payday. If your credit card company does not offer flexible terms on repayments then the 75 day loan can go a long way to reducing possible fees and possibly even settle the balance totally.


If you know or expect that you will need a little longer to pay back the loan then the 3-month payment plan is the best one for you. Sometimes circumstances catch us by surprise and we need an extra little boost and a little more flexibility with flexible terms when it comes to taking a little longer to repay the loan. This loan is paid back in 6 equal payments spread out over a period of 12 weeks. As with the other loan arrangements, payments become due every 15 days from the day the loan credit arrives in the lenders bank account and every 15 days thereafter.

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And with interest rates fixed at 0.8% per day, Asterior Lending Inc is one of the most cost-effective lending services that you are going to find, anywhere else in the Philippines. Why not choose one of the three available options and see for yourself why we are the nation’s favourite. If you have any questions why not give us a call on L (02) 318 8000 or M 0998-584-5045