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Managing your finances can be much simpler with custom designed software. The smaller, challenger style banks such as Monzo were the first to use this type of application, often using the technology as the main selling point for the account. Since then, developers and mainstream banks have produced a number of new money management products, many of which are available free of charge. This is our guide on the best apps for keeping track of your finances in 2019:


Mint is probably the most well known of all the money management apps and with good reason. Their user interface is intuitive and simple, and their range of features means you can feel totally in control of your money. You can divide your spending into categories such as travel costs, credit card repayments and recreation, you can also receive notifications informing you of any impending transactions. There is also an option to receive a free credit score, so you can monitor your financial status in real time and a cash flow tool that shows you exactly what is coming in and going out on a month to month basis. Overall, this is still one of the best tools available for managing your money in 2019.


You Need A Budget or YNAB is one of the newer money management apps available. Its aimed at those who need a little help paying off their debts and has been tailored to ensure you’re being as responsible as possible with your money. The emphasis here is on making sure that your money is working for you, rather than the other way around. It can seem a little brutal, but the fastidious and detailed approach means that everything is accounted for and you can make constant improvements and adjustments each month.

Pocket Guard

If you find it difficult not to overspend each month, you certainly aren’t alone and pocket guard has been created to help people like you manage their money more effectively every month. Set up is easy and straightforward and you can allow the app to access all your accounts at once. This means you can keep track of how much you’ve earned and how much you’ve spent compared to your intended budget. Warnings and alerts mean that you can avoid going overspending, especially in those moments when you may not be paying close attention. A great feature of this app is that it can offer suggestions on how to make your money go further by identifying problem areas.


This app was specifically designed for couples who are sharing their finances. For anybody who is married or cohabiting, this app offers the ability to keep track of both partners spending while allocating essential funds to areas such as bills or house payments. The envelopes feature means that you can allocate certain amounts for specific uses and the access to both parties spending activity means you can ensure that both of you are doing as much as you can to keep costs down to manageable levels. There is also a solo budget setting, meaning that single people can also take advantage of this app.


Designed to help your money stretch until your next payday, this app is free for a trail period of 8 weeks, after which, users are expected to pay a fee. The main selling point for this piece of software is that customers can allow the app to do the hard work for them. Any salary payments can be split in to bills, savings, weekly allowance and so on, meaning that you don’t need to do any of the working out yourself. Though there are several cheaper or even free apps on the market that can do this sort of thing as well, for Barclays customers and those who appreciate a very slick and professional design, this is a good option.


Wally’s ethos is simple, it allows users to set financial goals while taking care of their day to day spending. Available for iPhone users and recently updated for Android as well, this app is secure and safe and best of all, totally free. Your bank account links directly with the Wally’s app, once you have allowed access, then you simply allow the software to keep track of all the purchases you make. The display shows your remaining budget for the week as well as the month, which makes those impulse decisions much easier to make.

Are budgeting apps safe?

Generally speaking, yes. All budgeting apps are subject to fairly strict rules and regulations when it comes to the data they can access. You do need to be aware that by providing a third-party app, access to your bank account details, you may be exposing yourself to an additional threat of online crime, though this is something all developers and companies take very seriously. If in doubt, check for user ratings and reviews online before you download or install anything. Though 99% of all the money management apps out there are legitimate, as is always the case in the modern world, there is always the potential for unscrupulous people to exploit those who may not be technically savvy or security conscious.

Which App Should I choose?

This is really up to you and will depend on your own individual needs. Consider whether you’re looking for something simple and effective that means you don’t have to make too many decisions about money or whether you want something a little more detailed that allows you to make minor adjustments from time to time. For first time budgeters, we would recommend something free and as simple as possible. If you decide that you need something more advanced, you can always upgrade later. For more experienced budgeters or those who perhaps run their own business, it may be worth paying for a more advanced piece of software as this will include features you won’t be able to find in either open source or free to use platforms.

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