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Education, training, and home schooling are all essential parts of life and whether you are a parent looking for a tutor or a professional hoping to sharpen your existing skills, personal loans can be a great way of funding development. In this article, Asteria explains how you can use personal loans effectively for education of all kinds.

Further and Higher Education

If you are not eligible for a student loan or any other kind of funding, you may be discouraged from continuing your education. There are other options available, though and many loan providers will be happy to approve a request for finance if you are using it for a course of further or higher education. MBAs, degrees, and specific vocational courses can all be paid for using personal loans and most universities and educational institutions are happy to accept this kind of payment. It makes sense to pay for longer course fees in advance if you are using a personal loan, this way you will not be tempted to squander what you have borrowed on things that you don’t really need. It can also be a good idea to keep back some of your loan to pay for the hidden costs of studying such as stationary, subscriptions to word processing packages and other things like transport to and from lectures.

Choosing a course provider can take time and it is important to ensure that you are dealing with a reputable, accredited institution or organisation. This means that cheapest is not always best, so before you decide to apply for a loan, make sure you have found a course of education that will be of genuine use to you.

Industry Specific Degrees

Graduate degrees can be costly, especially in areas such as business, finance, medicine, and marketing. Using a personal loan to help you cover the cost of a higher level degree can help to cushion the blow of the course fees and providing you complete the course successfully, you should eventually see a fairly significant return in your investment. With industry specific qualifications, competition between providers can be quite fierce. This means that although you are likely to pay a large amount of money, you should receive a quality service and ultimately a qualification that will help you to raise your income on permanent basis. The easiest way to use a personal loan for an industry specific qualification is to pay your provider up front. This way, you only borrow what you need and there is no chance of overspending.

Vocational Training

Using loans for vocational training is slightly different to paying for a degree course or master’s as its likely that you will need to pay for things like tools, equipment, uniform, and consumables. Rather than using the whole of your loan amount for course fees, its essential that you set some aside for other costs that you think you may incur. A good way to do this is to split your loan amount up so that you have some allocated for the cost of the training itself and some set aside for the other costs associated with the course. For example, if you are retraining as a plumber, you will need to pay for safety equipment, materials, and transport. You may also need to consider things like insurance. Similarly, if you are learning to be a fitness instructor, you will need to cover the cost of health checks, gym equipment and other miscellaneous costs.

Private Tutoring

Paying for private tutors is more popular than ever, especially during the Covid `19 crisis as many schools in the UK, the USA and Europe are still closed. This is often seen as an expensive option, but this is not always the case. Shopping around online and comparing prices, as you would do when searching for other goods or services, is the best approach to take. Obviously ensure that whoever you are dealing with is fully qualified and has also undergone any safety or legal checks that apply in your country. Most private tutors will accept payment on a session by session basis, but it can work out cheaper to pay for a block booking of sessions. For example, if your child’s school is closed for the next 3 months, you could request a loan to cover the full cost of the tuition for this period. As most loan providers would be happy to approve loans for education in general, you should not have a problem finding somebody who will accept your application.

Home Schooling

Whether you plan to teach your children yourself or enlist the help of a private tutor, home schooling can be extremely challenging and more costly than you may first imagine. Learning resources and materials can all be expensive and things like subscriptions to online teaching sources and practical learning tools such as stationary, educational toys and basic safety equipment can all add up. Before you request a specific loan amount, it makes sense to do some research and also talk to friends about their own experiences with home schooling. Try to ascertain how long you will need to conduct home schooling for by contacting your child’s school and also check with your local authority for updates on when they plan to officially reopen schools in your area. It generally makes sense to try and keep costs as low as possible but at the same time, try to ensure that any home-based lessons you are delivering, or supervising are not compromised by poor quality materials or resources.


Unlike a car or a new set of furniture, education can be a difficult thing to assess when it comes to overall cost. Before you request a loan, do as much research as you can, contact several providers and ensure that you are not overpaying for a service you can get much cheaper elsewhere. Always make sure that any professionals you work with are fully qualified and accredited and never be tempted to take the cheapest option unless you are sure that you are getting genuine value for money.

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