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When people take out personal loans in the Philippines, they generally use them for things like home improvement, debt consolidation or just for a few little luxuries to make life a little more interesting. There are other ways to use lending, though. In today’s world, constant change and personal development is seen as a very positive thing and the Philippines is beginning to embrace this culture. Rather than borrowing to pay for a new TV or a luxury holiday around the world, clever borrowers are choosing to use personal finance as a way of investing in themselves, both mentally and physically. Here are some of the different ways they do this:

Gym, exercise classes and wellness

Personal development doesn’t just have to be about traditional education. It can also relate to your overall health and wellbeing. Using loans in the Philippines to pay for things that boost your overall physical health is a fantastic way of extending your lifespan and generally making yourself feel better on a day to day basis. Even a small personal loan can be enough to cover the cost of a premium quality membership at a fitness club, including personal instruction and training. Similarly, it can also cover the price of a block of yoga sessions or wellness practices such as acupuncture or massage. Though you may not have anything physical to show for your investment, using personal loans to help improve your body is one of the best ways to feel better and generally make the quality of your life better.


Using a personal loan for a course of education is one of the best investments you can make in yourself. Whether you’re considering an MBA, a vocational qualification or something more specific, continuing education and sharpening your skills is one of the best ways to increase your income on a long-term basis. In the Philippines, most lenders consider using a loan to pay for course fees, resources or educational costs a valid reason to apply for credit. Though it’s important to choose your course carefully and ensure that you’re getting value for money, using a loan to pay for education can work like an investment, rather than feeling like an expenditure you can’t recoup at a later date.

Clothing and Personal Grooming

What we wear and the way we look can say a lot about us and if you’re considering a personal loan that will help you realise your full potential, using some of what you borrow to reinvent your wardrobe or improve the level of personal care can be a good option. New suits or sets of business-friendly clothes aren’t always cheap and having a reliable ensemble that you can use when meeting clients, going for interviews or giving presentations will give you the confidence you need to succeed. If you need to pay for work uniform or other specific clothes, a personal loan is often the easiest way to get what you need without having to save. As with most of the items on this list, as you will be using the money to pay for something that will ultimately help you to earn more money, this sort of investment pays for itself quite quickly.

New Computer Equipment and Software

Whether you’re planning to start a side gig or learn a new skill, having computer equipment and electronic devices that are up to the task is important. Using a personal loan to pay for software subscriptions is also a good potential investment if you are trying to develop yourself. As a relatively low risk investment, using a short-term personal loan as a means of kitting out a home office or bagging a new laptop means you can actually stand to make money from what you have purchased. Either reselling the item later or using it to generate a side income means that unlike holidays or expensive meals, you won’t be left with nothing to show for your purchase.

Vehicles and Transport

Getting around in the Philippines is generally pretty easy in cities and towns but outside of the major conurbations, you will generally need to have access to a car, motorbike or all-terrain vehicle. Car loans I the Philippines are commonplace and are regularly approved by all of the top lenders. When considering using finance to purchase a vehicle, always remember to factor in things like repairs, insurance, servicing and other hidden costs. Second-hand cars are always a fraction of the price of anything you buy new, but it can be something of a trade off if you need to keep paying for breakdown recovery or other little niggles. As a means of personal development, investing in a vehicle offers you freedom to travel for work, leisure or to visit to family and friends. Depletion in value is inevitable, however, the difference that being mobile and independent can make in your life is often a worthy investment.

Cosmetic Surgery and Other Treatments

As a growing part of life for many people, cosmetic treatments are becoming more commonplace in the Philippines. Using a loan for this purpose can be great way to develop yourself, especially if you’re self-conscious about your appearance. The price of surgery and occasional treatments such as Botox has risen in popularity over the past few years and this part of the world is no exception. Most loan providers will be happy to approve you for this, providing you have the means replay what you have borrowed and aren’t requesting an unreasonably large amount.


Though many people use personal loans in the Philippines for gifts and treats, using them for developing yourself is becoming more popular. Though there’s always a risk where borrowing is involved, using loans to pay for something that will ultimately help you to earn more money or that will enrich your life is far less frivolous than wasting it on something you don’t really need.

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