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Unfortunately, many people’s family holiday will have been unexpectedly cancelled this year. Air travel is severely restricted and the idea of doing things like taking a trip to the zoo or enjoying time in a family restaurant seems almost impossible under the current circumstances. Thankfully, with the help of social distancing, continued medical research and a diligent approach to controlling the virus, this profoundly negative situation will come to an end and we can all back to living our lives as normal. Though vacations might be out of the question this year, there is nothing to stop you from planning your dream trip in 2021. You may even be able to enjoy some unexpected savings if you book in advance. Here’s how to plan next year’s vacation with the help of a personal loan.

Check Out the Lockdown Status of Your Chosen Destination

Whether you’re flying out from the Philippines or planning to travel to Europe from the UK, you will need to check out the local laws in terms of what is permitted and when. Some countries are already allowing tourists to visit, providing they agree to adhere to any specific rules that are in place to prevent reinfections. Other countries who are experiencing extremely high numbers of cases and the socio-economic problems that go along with this have forbidden any non-essential travel for the foreseeable future. Before you take out a personal loan with the intention of booking 2021’s summer vacation, ensure that you’re planning to visit somewhere that is accepting tourist travel.

Be aware that some airlines can be difficult to get refunds from

This isn’t the case for the most reputable companies, who still trade on the quality of their customer service and their no hassle refund policies, but for many budget airline customers, getting their money back after flights have been cancelled to Covid 19’s influence has proved to be incredibly difficult. If you are planning to try and find a cheaper holiday by looking around online, make sure you read any small print and ensure that you will be able to get your money back if you are not allowed to travel due to a second wave or other unforeseen circumstances. Using personal loans for holidays is common practice for many people but getting into debt for a trip you aren’t actually able to take is something nobody would recommend.

Take advantage of sales and advance booking

It’s a well-known fact that the further in advance you book your holiday, the more money you can potentially save. Do bare this in mind when you are considering how much to borrow from your chosen lender as you may not need to take out quite as much as you first think. Holidays should be a time of luxury and fun but that does not always mean you need to spend a massive amount of money. As many airlines are now struggling, some have begun to offer quite significant discounts on flights to their most popular destinations. If you are prepared to book several months in advance with an airline who is offering this kind of deal, you could stand to save a great deal of money on your overall holiday spend.

Bargain Hunting and Shopping Around

Never pick the first holiday deal you see as the chances are you will be able to find something of much better value if you take the time to look around. When applying for a personal loan for a vacation, always have a couple of potential options in mind before you decide to ask for specific amount. It can be time consuming and a little frustrating looking for the cheapest deals and the best value, but if you are prepared to put the work in, you may even be able to grab yourself some winter sun as well as a traditional summer break. Price comparison sites can be helpful but during these particularly turbulent and uncertain times, it can be a better idea to go directly to the airlines themselves to see what they have on offer.

Avoid package deals

The convenience is one of the biggest appeals of booking a package holiday as everything is largely done for you. This can be great but if you want to get the most from a personal loan for a holiday, it makes sense to try and organise things like transfers, accommodation, itinerary and other insurance yourself. You can save a huge amount by organising everything yourself and taking the time to compare hotels, travel providers and more. In some cases, travel agents may be able to offer you a better deal if you explain you have already found a cheaper way to plan your holiday, especially if they are amongst the numerous companies who are struggle as a result of recent events. If they cannot do this for you, our advice is to save your money and ultimately, get more value from your personal holiday loan.

Combine Savings with a Small Personal Loan if You Can

We know that borrowing can feel scary at the moment, which is why we suggest combing some of your savings with a smaller personal loan so that you can pay for your dream holiday in 2021. As we have all been stuck at home or at least severely restricted in terms of the places we can and can’t go, many of us will have been able to make savings on things like transport, eating out and entertainment. It’s worth combining this cash with a smaller loan amount so that your holiday costs you less overall. As you also have up to a year to save for it, you may find that you need to borrow far less than you initially imagined.


It may feel like a holiday is an impossible dream at the moment but with sensible borrowing and some tactical planning, there is no reason you can’t enjoy a great experience in 2021.

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