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When people hear about taking out a loan, it’s an automatic red flag. The assumption is that you are in trouble, and in desperate need of cash to solve your problems. It’s not surprising, granted that in just the past decade, loans were often difficult to obtain, almost exclusively in large amounts, and often carried the risk of dealing with shady abusers of the system. Thankfully, those days are coming to pass.

The implementation of modern technology means that the lending companies are going digital and taking out a loan has never been easier. The growing number of online lending companies provides a new level of convenience and flexibility to the average person over the more traditional systems. Fewer requirements, quicker processing periods, and the lack of collateral tie-ups are making the new age of online lending ever so popular.

The apprehensions of taking out a loan have relaxed. What was once impending debt, is now a tool as versatile as any other financial service we use. The practice has become so casual that smaller, more accessible plans are now available. These personal loans are marketed towards minor financial needs and popularized by their manageable sizes and lightweight repayment.

If you’re wondering how a personal loan can help you make the most of your money, here are a few suggestions.

Making the Sale

We’ve all been there: old clothes getting overused and outdated. Add in the rains and we’ll need proper shoes and jackets to keep us dry. Now, if you want to complete your wardrobe, without breaking the bank, then you’d be the best scoring everything at one big sale.

However, this has also happened to us: by the time the sale starts, other expenses come first, and you put the shopping on hold. What’s worse is, by the time your next pay arrives, the sale would have already ended. It’s frustrating. So how do you make the sale, when your money can’t?

Borrowing money from friends or family isn’t going to get you far. And for the same reason, asking for an advance is unlikely to happen. Credit cards, on the other hand, aren’t a luxury everyone can afford, either. But if you’re just looking into a few thousand pesos to get what you need at a bargain, a personal loan can get you just that.

Minimal requirements and fast, online processing mean that you can get your application done in a couple days or less. Once you have the money in your account you can walk into that sale like its payday come early. Afterwards, you can simply repay the loan when your salary comes in. There’s no concern about spending money you don’t have, rather, you simply found a way to get it sooner.

Seizing the Moment

Sometimes, things just happen.

And sometimes these are opportunities you can’t pass up. Even if we can’t always be prepared for them, you should always have a way to make them possible.

Have you been looking forward to taking a trip to a special destination? Just like sales, discounted flight tickets are golden opportunities. They are also, unfortunately, high in demand. Waiting to save up enough might just get you left out completely. How many times are you willing to postpone the trip of a lifetime?

Another example: your best friend’s wedding. The only problem is that it’s set in Boracay, and only a couple weeks away. It’s no small feat to prepare for everything, and it’s a possibility you might not have enough for the airfare. Cancelling is simply not an option. Stick to the commitment.


Have you thought about that concert of your favourite artist? They’re finally coming to Manila, and you are nothing short of hype. You know their songs by heart, and every line fills you with life. Their music saved your life, and all those experiences have led you here: to share the moment with them and give back in support for the times they were there for you. No one will judge you for how important this is for your soul. You may not get another chance.

These things are not necessarily needed to live, but these are what make life worth living for.

They may come unexpectedly, or at short notice, making it difficult to adjust to them. Some things are worth the effort, but you don’t always have to break yourself over it. Consider taking a personal loan to get the best of both worlds.

These days, you can buy tickets online. The same goes for the loan you want to make those tickets yours. All processing is done either through chat or call, and the money is sent to your bank account. You don’t even have to get up. Give them two days or less for approval, and you can start the next big chapter of your life. You don’t even have to worry about repayment when you can choose the timeframe that’s manageable for you. Seize the day, and pay for it later.


This is a topic nobody really wants to talk about and for good reason. Nobody wants an emergency on themselves or their loved ones. But before you find yourself sitting in an ER, wondering how you’re going to pay for the bill, it’s important to consider being prepared.

In the case of an emergency, your first option should be any insurance you have. Be it health, automobile, housing or the like. These will be the ones to help you shoulder the costs. Any savings or credit sources come next. After all, it’s for these crises that you have these in the first place. Of course, building up the safety and security nets takes time, and not everyone may be as prepared earlier on in life.

Typically in these circumstances, friends and family are permissible options. It’s an emergency, after all. A drawback is the lack of guarantee that you will get what you need from a single person or any for that matter. You might end up asking multiple people and still not have enough. The most difficult part tends to come from the social, and emotional strings attached. Unlike other financial institutions, this path tends to be 100% personal.

On that note, the option of borrowing from banks shares another issue with borrowing from friends and family: in the case of an emergency, neither can guarantee that you get the money right away. This is more so an issue with banks, which will take time to process your request. Depending on the emergency at hand, you may not have the leisure to wait too long.

While all options are appropriate…

You may also want to consider a personal loan to sort out the emergency expenses. An advantage over the banks is that the application process and approval period is very fast. Some lending companies even offer experienced member cash within the hour. That’s a guarantee. You apply for the money you need, and you get it, fast. That’s what matters here. It also helps that personal loans don’t come with any emotional ties or responsibilities.

This doesn’t just apply to ER visits. Automobile damage can cost a lot, even for minor damage. Any emergency will likely cost significantly. But it’s the lives that matter most here. What’s important is that you’re able to do everything can without hesitation.


Consider a personal loan only after you’ve exhausted all your immediate options. Although, even as a preventive measure, you can even utilize a personal loan to keep your insurance in check, keeping you and your loved ones prepared.

These are just some key situations wherein a personal loan can come in very handy. Get your money when you need with, with the ease and flexibility of modern online lending. Make the most of a good opportunity, and make sure you have a plan for everything. And that’s just the start.

Contact our Asteria staff today and get yourself a loan that’s just for you.

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