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The vast majority of the population has a 9 to 5 solid desk job. Most of us follow these rules: go to school, get good grades, get a gig and make a living. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that this is our ideal career path. How amazing it would be to have your money work you while we explore your true passion?

We all have that burning desire to make a lot of money so we can finesse at enjoying life. Therefore, we put together this guide on how you can make your money work for you, produce benefits, thus autopay part of its fixed expenses.

First, we need to be able to match opportunity with the capital available. Also, to replace the mindset of only sustaining saving accounts and certificates of deposit.

Which, to be honest, these two are the investment instruments that offer the least profitability within the market.

In that sense, we are interested in addressing the issue answering the question on How to make my money work for me? Providing some basic guidelines to manage own resources towards investment based on existing capital or the creation of a new one.

Understanding how money works

We would like to share some techniques about the effective management of money, focusing on how to generate value in every decision made regarding savings, smart consumption and investment. And all this is summarized in three levels:

▪ Sustainability: Ability to cover its commitments and financial obligations.

▪ Stability: To manage the commitments and generate surpluses.

▪ Wealth: Generate profits through effective management of finance and investment.

These three levels, at the same time, reflect different stages and moments in which the person takes control and makes decisions according to an already established plan; whose purpose is to make money work for

Taking this into consideration, the functioning of money is reduced to the way we make decisions and if they are concatenated to an objective, a plan, and a strategy. Therefore, to the extent that you materialize what you planned, you will be successful in personal financial management, which translates into a state where your money works for you.

That is why we encourage you to set objectives and adjust yourself to a plan because doing it in this way reduces improvisation and allows you to have a better performance in the management of your money. Although this implies that you have to make adjustments in the way you handle your economic resources; however, you are more likely to have the ability to respond to adverse realities through planning, than depending on improvisation.

How to make my money work for me?

Based on the above, we will answer the question: How to make my money work for me? Offering some basic guidelines for good performance in financial management and using the three levels as a basis:

Sustainability, stability and wealth.

Guideline No. 1: Have control of your money

The first guideline for money to work for you is to have control of your money. That is, to be clear about what you are entering, what you are leaving and what your monthly cash flow is like. In other words, you should be aware of every detail related to the movement of your money, so that you can make the adjustments of place to put to produce the collection of resources that you have achieved or have the intention to create. For this, there are two tools that you can use: The budget and the expense record.

Speaking of the budget is to refer to the main tool that anyone who wants to manage their money effectively. Since the budget has two main functions, planning and the benchmark to assess personal financial performance.

This serves as a contrast between what was supposed to happen in terms of financial decisions with what really happened. And it is at this point that the recording of your expenses enters the scene. Since the only way to know what happened, in an accurate manner, is to measure what happened during a certain period, to which you will make an allusion in each one of your financial records.

Guideline No. 2: Create capital strictly for investment

The second pattern presents a challenge for those who do not have the available economic resources. But at the same time, for those who have them, it also represents a challenge because one of the characteristics of a good investor is that the money he invests is not essential.

In other words, when you take the road of investments or entrepreneurship you should be, as far as possible, with money that you are willing to lose. Because usually satisfactory results take time. It is not something that happens overnight.

And when we say that it has to be dispensable money we mean that it is dedicated for that. Do not take, for example, the money from your tuition, if you are studying, to invest it. But you have a particular amount, although it took time and effort to gather it, you are aware that for some reason what you plan does not happen as expected and the losses visit your home.

One of the characteristics of people who invest with a compromised capital, the result is that they generate more tension and instability when making a decision. Resulting in a higher probability of committing financial mistakes.

To all this, the invitation is to start in the world of investments through financial or deposit certificates; so that you can get used to the idea of separating yourself from that money that you set aside for investments, and then move on to other levels, such as the stock market or an own venture.

Guideline No. 3: Identify your investment profile

Something that is super important for your money to work for you is to know what type of investment profile you have. That is, define your expectations, objectives and risk tolerance that you can assume.

In general, to the extent that the person advances in age, tends to make more prudential investments. Focusing on liquidity, while whoever is young assumes riskier investments. Focusing on amassing wealth over time.

This serves as a global parameter, but in reality, there are different variables that affect all this investment profile, and for you to define it properly, we suggest you approach a stock exchange or financial institution that can assist you in this topic. Evaluating and determining, based on your expectations and objectives, what type of investor you are.

Guideline No. 4: Invest in what you know

In four places you should invest in what you know. Do not make investments in subjects of which you have no control since every industry has its rhythm and way of functioning, and not all people adapt to this reality. That is why the suggestion is that, even if you are not an expert on the subject, you have a clear idea of the type of industry in which you are going to invest and how it carries out its operations.

Guideline No. 5: Wait

The fifth pattern is related to time. And it is important that you take into account that for money to work for you, you have to wait. Do not pretend that with the first investment you will get rich instantly. Although it is fair to point out that there are extraordinary cases of people who develop an idea, and suddenly become millionaires (as), but few people achieve it, and if they do then they must work hard to maintain it.

In that sense, waiting is part of the key to the success of those who make their money work for him/her, because in the waiting is that it develops and lay the foundations for solid growth, the one that allows whoever undertakes or invests gain experience.


Making money work for you is reduced to investing, and this is a process that involves taking control of your money, creating exclusive capital for investment, identifying your investment profile, investing in what you know, and perhaps more than any another thing, know how to wait.

Since assuming that the results are given quickly can cause distortion with reality. And for that, it is necessary that you have a waiting attitude so that you allow the investment to take shape and mature over time. If this entry responds to What do I do to make my money work for me? You have been useful we invite you to comment and share via email or social networks. Your opinions and contributions are of great importance for this community and enrich the debate. And if you are interested in going deeper into the subject, we suggest you look into Robert Kiyosaki.

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