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We all look at the success in others forgetting what it took to get there. The persistence, hard work and discipline that requires to get to the point of success is always a motive of respect and admiration. Your daily actions determine the size of the steps you’re taking towards reaching success.



“It is easier to go down a hill than up, but the view is from the top” – Arnold Bennett



Mostly referred as to “the iceberg effect.” The metaphor alludes to selective attention, a tendency that society has adapted to simply focus on one thing while simultaneously ignoring relevant occurrences. It is what we decide to see or acknowledge and quickly forget, how we tend to be biased based on predetermined group favoritism. The generational carrying glamour and recognition that is only attached to getting to the top, the visible part of the iceberg signifies success, once you reach your personal, career and financial goals. Which it is not just a simple component, success encompasses a quite complex project with multiple tasks, but we only admire the tiny portion of society that is beneath the surface.

We see the accomplishments, but not the huge amount of personal input, risk factors, sacrifices and discipline that it’s required to climb up. The late hours, countless nights, days and weekends, the failures, frustrated attempts and the uncertainties along the way are in the shadow. Definitely, there’s no recipe to be successful but there’s a common ground that lies under it, like the committing to a goal, embracing new ventures and problem-solving. Audacity, dedication, and patience are just a few of the fundamental principles successful people or organizations have and truly make a difference between success and failure.

Trust and be entrusted We are in a continuous process of change. We can change driven by circumstances or change following a plan, for example, a plan to improve our lifestyle. When the plan is well directed, it is sure that it will eventually succeed, even if now it does not seem possible.

– Commit to a Goal

(Actions & Persistence)

Commitment to a goal is important because influences how you think focusing all your efforts and your acts in delivering the desired results. Unlike an empty promise or the common ‘I’ll give it a try,’ once committed you will sort obstacles and try non-stop to achieve your goal.

The reward you will receive for your right choices shines like the sun, you just have to take time to surrender to the present and break down into small tasks what is it that you need to do, with confidence. Once you start achieving your objectives, you can rest in the satisfaction and delight of peace of mind and financial stability.

Work on increasing your confidence even more as you entrust your path. If you are facing some great challenge or find discouraging aspects in your health plan, it is time to reset your heart and your mind to find the courage to overcome your circumstances.

Success does not come all at once, but there are several ways to build and practice trust little by little every day.

Part of the development of trust occurs when you learn to enjoy His presence and goodness. Then your heart opens more and more to Him. When your delight is really in Him and not in earthly comforts, says the Bible, “He will grant you the requests of your heart.”

– Mistakes and Failures.

(Unexpected Events)

As part of the process, we all need to understand that the path of success is filled with missteps and lots and lots of back and forward. Called them either mistakes or failures they can be really discouraging especially when our mind is fixed on obtaining a specific result. Accepting and learning from them is essential for achievers and definitely not a reflection of what they are.

(Discipline, Effort, and Patience (Sacrifices, Habits and Hard Work)

We are creatures of habits. Self-discipline creates them. That’s why is so important especially around achieving goals. Because of it you will focus all your efforts and get things done boosting your self-esteem.

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