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The warming of the waters of the Pacific Ocean has spawned super typhoons like Haiyan (Yolanda). And
because of climate change, experts have warned that more are to come that can devastate shoreline
communities, displace people and destroy infrastructure, homes, and livelihoods.
Climate change will also mean more floods and droughts, as well as cyclones, typhoons, and other
potentially catastrophic weather disturbances in the region – unless action is taken. According to the
WWF report “The Coral Triangle & Climate Change: Ecosystems, People and Societies at Risk,” coral
reefs in this important ecoregion could disappear by 2100, and the livelihoods of some 100 million
people will be lost or affected without strong and ambitious climate action today.
With the Philippines being visited by more than 20 typhoons every year and the ever-increasing weather
disturbances, every initiative, big or small, counts to help ease the dire effects of climate change.
This is the reason why for the past nine years, retail and property developer SM Prime Holdings Inc. has
been taking part in the yearly celebration of Earth Hour which, according to Liza Silerio, Director of SM
Cares Program on the Environment and Sustainability, clearly shows what small gestures can do to help
the environment.
Since its launch in the Philippines in 2009, the Earth Hour celebration has been observed in more than a
thousand cities and towns while over 15 million Filipinos have joined the global celebration of the hour-
long lights-off, a gesture symbol of commitment to the well-being of the planet.
SM Malls will once again celebrate Earth Hour together with the communities and their local
government unit partners, to take a stand against the indiscriminate threat of global warming and a
make a commitment to a low-carbon lifestyle by switching off their lights.
The SM Group, including its chain of 68 malls nationwide, seven SM Malls in China, plus its affiliated
establishments namely SM Development Corporation (SMDC) will take part in the global hour-long
lights-off for 2019 Earth Hour on March 30.
Each SM Mall will stage their own unique and innovative way of celebrating Earth Hour, working hand in
hand with the community, to communicate the message of how an individual can do their share of
helping care for the environment. It is anchored on the collaborative efforts of everyone, in helping
fight climate change.
This year’s worldwide theme, “Reduce, Reuse, Change the Way We Live” seeks to raise awareness on
the effects of climate change and to get the community involved in helping care for the environment.
For 2019 Earth Hour, each SM mall has been enjoined to come up with their own creative execution and
program in raising awareness about climate change and in getting the community to participate in a
collective effort to care for the environment.
“We want to encourage communities to participate in the Earth Hour celebration because the more
people taking part, the more awareness and positive action we are able to achieve. This is why even our
SMDC Malls are joining us this year because we want our communities in our residential buildings to
also take part,” Silerio said.

Together, millions came together to shine a light on climate action, and as skylines dimmed and
timelines shone bright, determination served as a strong, visual reminder that the time to change
climate change is now.
Now in its 13th lights-out, Earth Hour will take place on Saturday, March 30 at 8:30 p.m. local time.
Around the world, millions of people will turn off their lights for one hour to show their steadfast
commitment to protecting nature. Together people will speak up for wildlife and forests. They will show
their support for rivers and oceans. And they will rally around crucial actions needed to curb climate
Every action we take has a great impact on life around us and even small actions at home can help the
planet at large. And for many people, turning off the lights also means turning up the fun in new and
interesting ways, consider the lights-out hour as an opportunity to enjoy quality time with friends and
family and celebrate your role in this global movement.
SM’s celebration of Earth Hour encourages everyone to go beyond the hour and making it a habit to
reduce their daily consumption of energy. Earth Hour is celebrated in partnership with the World
Wildlife Fund (WWF) Philippines.


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